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Welcome To Project VIXXEN. A new breed of specialized pre-workout engineered for devoted athletes to take their training sessions to the next level. Unlock unbreakable focus, explosive strength & endurance, vein enhancing pumps and a true mind muscle connection through its high stim & nootropic compounds, all while helping you achieve a lean, shredded physique.


100MG DMHA: The PR sauce. The hardest hitting stimulant on the market. Become dead focused on your reps so you can hit maxes consistently. 

500MG Agmatine: Our endurance sauce. Train harder and Longer through reduction in pain and enhanced cognition so you can take a beating during training.

250MG Beet Root: Pump Perfection. Want vein enhancing pumps so you can feel great and take the best possible post workout pics? Here's your best friend. Train longer, harder and stronger while showing off your sikk pump. ZYZZ would be proud. 

2500MG Beta Alanine: our favorite, your favorite, everyone's favorite. Elevate your strength and endurance while promoting muscle growth. 

50MG Synephrine: . The hardest hitting cutting stimulant on the market. mimics a low dose of Clenbuterol to increase energy expenditure (I.e: Get Shredded)

350MG Caffeine Anhydrous. The classic. Blocks the receptors in your brain that make you crash so you stay energized through your whole workout.

200MCG Huperzine A: A true "Mind Muscle Connection."  Heard of Nootropics? This it it. Become synced With your body and mind. 

500MG Alpha GPC: releases the neurotransmitter  Acetylcholine elevating memory,  cognition and mental focus to ensure that you stay fully engaged with your training.

10MG Piperine: no more waiting an hour for your pre to kick in. increases absorption reducing the time it takes for VIXXEN to take effect. take on scoop and you'll be ready to throw around plates 10 minutes later. 

Our most powerful formula ever.

-Happy lifting our friends.  

All stimulant, no fillers.

We set out to create a true all in one pre workout, and we did it.

No fillers, No BS- just 30 full servings of high stim performance peaking powder that’s been proven again and again to elevate every angle of your workout.

Muscle Growth, a real boost in strength, leaning out & Unbreakable Focus. we’ve accomplished what other companies have tried but none have succeeded at – creating a real all stimulant benefit driven pre workout that will never let you down.

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I have been working out for decades now and throughout that time I've tried plenty of high stim pre workouts but Vixxen triumphs them all. My first time taking Vixxen I immediately felt the tingling sensation that all gym rats can relate to, but besides that side quality I noticed a heighten sense of focus, increased stamina and endurance. I will definitely be buying more and thank you to the Nexxgen team for putting out such a great profile workout!!

Big J (@BigJ_Extremefitness)
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