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VIXXEN pre workout supplement

Get in the gym and take control of your workout with VIXXEN pre workout. Make every exercise count, every treadmill session and get back into bodybuilding with VIXXEN peach mango flavor. Be careful though, this tiny 6 gram scoop packs a powerhouse of energy, gym workouts and cardio have never become so easy to do until now.

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Colada Craze, Peach Mango

9 reviews for VIXXEN Pre Workout

  1. Johnny

    This pre workout is sick! Good tasting and enhanced my performance big time. Just might be my next supplement! 💪🏽

  2. Nik

    Would highly recommend to anyone, great taste good focus without the jitter

  3. Julian

    Vixxen pre workout is the definition of putting you “in the zone” with precise focus not too high a stimulant it’s the perfect pre to get the best workouts to focus on contractions and high performance with that kickass pump factor and taste as a plus.

  4. Jeremy U

    I’ve never used a workout that could keep me zoned in without much tingle or jitters prior to this one

  5. Jesse “Rhino” Mora

    VIXXEN is a must before the workout amazing pumps!!! With no crash and no jitters!!! Straight focus and pump

  6. Dorian

    One of the best tasting pre workouts I’ve tried! Feel the focus right away to get into that workout. 10/10

  7. Tyler

    If you like high stims, try this!! The focus is on point, the energy boost is great and the taste is amazing. Even hitting the gym after working a 12 hour shift, down 1 scoop of Vixxen and 30 minutes later you’ll be ready to throw the plates around!

  8. Joshua flores

    I have been working out for a few years now and throughout that time I tried plenty of high stim pre workouts but this particular product triumphs all of them. My first time taking Vixxen I immediately felt the tingling sensation that all gym rats can relate to, but besides that side quality I noticed a heighten sense of focus, increased stamina and endurance. I will definitely be buying more and thank you to the Nexxgen team for putting out such a great profile workout!!

  9. Marco

    I would highly recommend this product, really good taste👌🏼 Good pump/performance 💪🏽

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