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NOVA HCL Creatine

Creatine Hydrochloride
Improve your performance, get insane pumps and test your limits with this creatine supplement.

·         Among the many benefits that NOVA HCL offers, this creatine supplement will increase your strength & power on all of your lifts. The pumps will be out of this world and your muscles will grow more and faster over time. You will burn fat faster and improve your recovery time in between sets. 

·         NOVA HCL is fast acting. This means every capsule you take starts working immediately. NOVA HCL has a high absorption rate so you only need to take it when you train and you will get maximum benefits.

·         When you take NOVA HCL you DO NOT need a loading phase. A loading phase is also known a muscle saturation phase. ***This means that as soon as you take NOVA HCL for very first time, you will get all the benefits on demand.***

·         Creatine HCL quickly dissolves in water, leaving no residue or sediment at the bottom of your shaker cup.

·         Because NOVA HCL is fast acting, you WILL NOT get any bloating, diarrhea, gas or cramps  as you would with other creatine esthers.

Product Information

·         Each serving of NOVA HCL includes 1,000 mg of ultra-pure, patented creatine hydrochloride to supersaturate your muscles.

·         Because of creatine HCL’s increased absorption and predicted bioavailability, reports indicate that athletes may reap all the benefits of creatine monohydrate supplementation with lesser amount of creatine HCl.

For proper dosing, take one creatine capsule for every 100lb of total body weight at least 10 minutes with 3-8oz of water before you annihilate your workout.

*** If you weigh 180.00 pounds, take two capsules of this creatine supplement for maximum absorption.

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