If you want to lose some inches, a stim burning supplement may be helpful, get to know when you should take it to serve you more. This is how you ensure weight loss

There is a wide variety of products to have a bodybuilder figure or simply without any fat, which are always a farce, since it is a fact that these “miraculous” products all they do is obtain sales based on lies. But that does not mean that there are no fat burners that can help us meet our goal, which are not associated with thermogenics, since many people make the mistake of associating them. Have you ever thought you could take supplements to lose weight and burn fat at the same time?

Thermogenics are ingredients that accelerate metabolism, which causes the body to use more energy that is released as heat. One of the most popular thermogenics in fat burning supplements have green tea extractor, Capsaicin, bitter orange, African Mango or Garcinina Cambogia, which are usually accompanied by appetite suppressants, energy boosters and carbohydrate blockers. A good detail that you should know is that good fat burners usually attack the weight from different points.


The most common is to take these supplements in capsules and with the manufacturer’s instructions. It should be noted that between two fat burners there may be some ingredients in common, but the most normal is that between one brand and others the formulas are very different and varied, in the same way as their potency and the effects produced.

When you start taking the fat burner, it is best to start with the minimum, which may be half the recommended dose, and then increase it little by little if you feel that the product is already taking effect, making sure of never exceeding the dose recommended by the manufacturer.

Generally, fat burning supplements are usually cycled, which means that it should take between one or two weeks of rest at six or eight weeks of taking the product. Sometimes this is done preventively so that our body does not become completely tolerant of the effects of the ingredients that this product has.

If at any time you are looking for something to reduce fat burning for some time during the usual fat burning break, there is a wide variety of stimulant-free supplements on the market that can be alternated with the usual burner you are occupying, or even some that you can use later without the need for a break.


Thanks to the huge amount of stimulants, fat burners are usually taken in the morning and in the afternoon, so that there is no possibility of altering our sleep.

Another detail that you will probably be interested to know is that these supplements are more effective with an empty stomach, so it is highly recommended to adapt the schedule of meals and exercises with fat burner shots.

As mentioned earlier, a large amount of fat burners contain stimulants such as green tea and caffeine extract, which makes them a bad option at night, especially if you are one of those people who are easily affected by these ingredients.

Finally, do not forget to follow the instructions of the manufacturer or your doctor. Do not consume these supplements simply because you believe that doing so is better than another. This is how to ensure weight loss.

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